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S-Epicsode Studio

About Us

Q: What inspired the creation of S-Episode?

A: After starting with domestic projects, we noticed that well-known

multinational companies were producing their ads in China to save

money without compromising quality. With ample resources in

China and a commitment to providing cost-effective solutions, we

realized that we could serve overseas clients and help them get

more value for their marketing spend. This win-win approach allows

us to deliver high-quality video production services and help our

clients achieve a higher return on their budget, regardless of

geographical constraints.

Q: What are the strengths of S-Episode?

A: Our main strength lies in our human resources. We have access to

a vast pool of talented video production professionals in China who

are equally skilled as those in other parts of the world, but can be

hired for a lower cost. Many well-known companies like Tesla and

Apple have factories in China and we are proud to say that China

also has an abundance of excellent video production talents. At S

Episode, we match the right professionals to each project and ensure

they are passionate about their work. We also address language,

cultural differences, and processes to deliver outstanding results that

exceed our clients' expectations.

Q: What type of clients is S-Episode suited for?

A: S-Episode is well-suited for a variety of clients who have specific needs and requirements. Specifically, we cater to the following:

Clients who have a limited budget but need impactful material marketing. Clients who have moderate quality requirements and prefer to work with a production company that can help them increase their profit margins. Clients who need expertise in 3D/2D animation videos and illustrations, as well as the ability to communicate effectively online. Clients whose products can be sent to China and do not require national iconic scenes or landscapes to be featured in their videos.

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